ELVOLAC PAINTS was founded in 1949 by Mr. RJ Draper after his arriving in South Africa from the UK.

The family run business was passed down to Bill Draper who took over the reins in the late 60’s. The company was then handed over to the third generation when Mike Draper acquired the business in 2002.

TECHNIPAINT was founded in 1982 as a specialised manufacturer and distributor of the ELVOLAC brand.

Together with Frank Minnie the TECHNIPAINT team has grown the business, focusing on the supply of specialised and innovative paints to manufacturing industries.

The company has in the past focused on distributing products to manufacturing industries, however, more recently, the company has diversified and branched into the manufacturing of resins and paints. This has allowed TECHNIPAINT to pass on the cost and quality advantages to our customers.

TECHNIPAINT specialises in the supply and manufacture of paints to the manufacturing industry. Under the ELVOLAC brand TECHNIPAINT successfully manufactures and distributes a wide range of different industrial standard products.

TECHNIPAINT supplies paints for the wood, metal and plastic manufacturing industries. Focusing on innovative products, backed up by comprehensive technical services, we work with our customers to tailor make products to suite their production and or quality needs.

We have the largest and best technical sales team and distribution network in these markets in South Africa, and go out of our way to give the best service in all these markets.

The TECHNIPAINT Difference

With over 25 years of industry experience, we have worked hard to ensure that our quality and service is of an unparalleled and competitive standard. This is our guarantee to you!

We guarantee noticeable and appreciated product and service delivery that will benefit you and your business.