We supply a range of products from metal cleaners, primers and top coats, from economical quick-drying products to the more durable polyurethane systems. Our market includes light, medium industrial, mining, lighting, farm implements, fencing and trailer manufactures.

Elvolac Industrial Product List (click to download)

a. QD Primers

A range of economical, single pack, primers suitable only for mild steel. Thin with enamel thinner.


b. DIP Primer

A Specially designed dip primer with a strong solvent system, designed for stability in a dip tank application. Thin with dip primer thinner (QD Enamel dipping thinner 149-9015)


c. Etchcote Primer

Good adhesion to clean steel and other metallic substrates. Quick drying to a semi matt finish. Good heat and water resistance. Essentially thin film coatings which must be over coated for exterior exposure. May be dipped sprayed or brushed. Thin with etch primer thinner or a good quality lacquer thinners.


d. 1K Etch Primer

A single pack primer for coating aluminum, well decreased galvanized iron and steel.


e. Electrostatic Primer

Designed specifically for electrostatic spray application. Thin with electrostatic primer thinner


f. Epoxy Strontium Chromate Primer

A high quality epoxy twin pack primer for industry where very high anti-corrosive properties are required. Touch dry in 30min,hard dry 3hrs, over coating 12hrs. It cures to a uniform matt finish which is ideal for over coating with conventional alkyd or epoxy/polyurethane topcoats.

Application by conventional I airless or brush. Thinwith TGE Thinner 149-9010


g.  Twin Pack Polyurethane Build Etch Primer

An economical twin pack polyurethane yellow vinyl etch primer for well cleaned mild steel, zintec, fiberglass and stainless steel which can be over coated with AD Enamels, QD Enamels N/C Lacquers and most topcoat systems. Mixes on a 2 : 1 basis. Thinner type – Polyurethane thinner.


h. Water Based Primer

A environmentally friendly “green” anti-corrosive water based primer – suitable for brush/spray/dip application. No thinning required


i. Zinc Phosphate Primer

Quick drying, general purpose primer for spraying and brushing, contains Zinc Phosphate anti-corrosive pigment. Can be over coated with Q.D. Enamels or alkyd undercoats and topcoats.(Not suitable for lacquer based topcoats) Thinwith Enamelthinner or good quality lacquer thinner.


j.  Quickote Primers (Etch Primer)

A economical fast drying, excellent adhesion and corrosion resistant Primer

A range of twin pack Polyurethane Acrylic for use on a wide range of steel,fiberglass and other substrates where good durability and resistance to physical and environmental elements is required. The product is mixed in a ratio of 10 parts of paint base to 1 part of hardner.Thin with polyacrythane thinners .

a. Dual Back Base

b. PA Calbrooke

c.  Toners

d. Catalyst

a. Elvo “k” 2k 4:1 Primer

4:1 Primer – Provides and ideal base for all high quality steel work.

A high build two pack polyurethane primer for priming steel and new body work.


b. Elvo “k” 2k Top Coats

A two pack range of high quality Polyurethane enamels for use on all suitable primed steel work truck body, etc. Catalyst ratio is 2 Parts paint : 1 part Hardener

Thin with a good quality Polyurethane thinner

a.  QD enamels

A range of quick drying enamels suitable for coatings, drums, farm implements, steel parts etc.

Economical and general purpose enamel coatings for most metal surfaces – Not recommended for very durable coating applications I specs

Alkyd based Hammertone enamel. They are used as a general purpose enamel for,farm implements Machinery etc. Thin with Enamel Thinners.
A quick drying enamel, ready for use with built in anti – corrosive pigment for the radiator market. Thin with lacquer thinners.
A range of nitrocellulose lacquers.
A water based Primer Top Coat with excellent adhesive + anti corrosion Properties
A quick drying 2 componant Primer Top Coat product. With built in rust inhibitors so serves as a Primer and Top coat. Has a Sheen finish and excellent adhesive to well cleaned steel.