Technipaint launches new ELVOLAC PUR lacquer

Local paints and coating product supplier Technipaint reports that it launched a new polyurethane (PUR) lacquer as part of its ELVOLAC product range.

The new product, ELVOTHANE, is a full PUR lacquer developed for the high-end furniture market.

ELVOTHANE features through dry (TD) technology, which allows the lacquer to through dry even when heavy coats are applied.

Technipaint’s Mike Draper explains that the TD technology enables the manufacturer to apply a thicker coat, thereby eliminating the process of applying and repeating many thin coats for proper coverage and effective drying.

“Conventional lacquer application is time consuming and the process entails applying the lacquer, dying the lacquer and sanding the coat before repeating several
times. However, with the ELVOTHANE a user can achieve the desired finish applying fewer coats of lacquer.” He also adds that the long drying times of PUR lacquers has been a common challenge in the local wood finishing market for many years.

“Quick turnaround times are critical in the extremely competitive furniture manufacturing and cabinetry industries. The faster a manufacturer can apply, dry and cure his lacquer
finishes the more jobs he can get done and the more profitable he will become.” Notes Draper

Further, Draper explains that Technipaint decided to develop the new product after several clients enquired about the need and availability of a locally manufactured product that is easy to apply with outstanding durability and drying qualities.

“There was definitely a gap in the market for such a product and many clients were importing products to meet their needs. However, with fluctuating exchange rate and weak rand the

demand for an alternative product has intensified among local manufactures.”

He adds that the demand for new ELVOTHANE products was so great that the initial orders exceeded Technipaint’s expectations and the company had to specially ship more of the TD technology product.

“Our first orders went flying out the doors, but we are now well-stock to supply the growing demand and we will aggressively market the product.”


ELVOTHANE is marketed to the high-end furniture market, which includes office, boardroom, restaurant furniture, kitchen furniture manufacturing as well as bar tops and components for shopfitting.

The average lacquer cost per unit of furniture makes up Between 6% to 8% of the total cost. The lacquer application process is also where many detects and qualify issues originated. So in many cases it makes sense to apply an excellent quality lacquer system like ELVONTHANE. One of the main reasons why so many clients have started using ELVOTHANE is to avoid unnecessary costs and production hassels.

Product features include:

  • Very durable and water resistant
  • Fast drying and final curing
  • Non-yellowing
  •  Formaldehyde free
  • Easy-to-apply with one hardener and constant hardener ratio for whole range
  • Low or no odour after delivery
  • Available in high-gloss or off-gloss and wide range of colours including clear
  • Competitively priced

Meanwhile, Technipaint has also introduced a number of other products for the furniture market. These included:

ISOLATION SEALER: A very fast drying sealer that isolates the waxes contained in medium density fibreboard (MDF), especially where a very high- gloss finish is required. It also has excellent sealing properties for MDF edges as it penetrates into the core of the MDF, making further sealing much faster and economical.

ELVOBRIGHT: A low volatile organic compound acid catalyzed (AC) modified lacquer that has superior build and gloss with very good colour stability.

ELVOLAC ALS: An AC lacquer that is designed for automatic spraying lines. It offers the manufacturer full recovery off the belts.

ENVIROSEAL: A water-based lacquer range that comes in clear and pigmented versions.

ELVOCURE: Technipaint’s ultraviolet (UV) range that includes fillers, sealers, gloss and off-gloss versions.

5:1 PUR PRIMER: A PUR lacquer for the coating of PUR mouldings