We supply a very large range of products to markets such as the furniture, kitchen, office, shop-fitting, coffin, joinery, purpose made furniture and flooring markets. On the exterior side we supply to the joinery, timber houses, decks and exterior furniture markets

Elvolac Wood Coatings Product List (click to download)

a.    Turbobright (STD range)

An economical, two pack very durable fast drying acid catalysed lacquer, for use on all major interior timber substrates Available in a wide range of gloss levels. Turbobright also comes in a range of pigmented colours.

Our Manufacturing process ensures low odour.

Turbobright requires a catalyst to cure and has an 8-12 hr pot life once catalyzed.

i.    Sealers

ii.    Clear Top Coats

iii.    Pigmented Primers

iv.    Pigmented Lacquers Top Coats

v.    Pigmented lacquer top coats

vi.    Pigmented Toners

vii.    Catalyst


b.    Automatic Sprayline (ASL) Version

A range of AC lacquer, designed specifically for automatic spray lines, good open time, allowing full recovery.

i.    Clear Range

ii.    Pigmented range

iii.    Catalyst


c.    Elvobright (Low V.O.C AC Lacquer)

A high build low V.O.C. AC Lacquer,with excellent build, colour stability and fast drying

i.    Catalyst


d.    Duraglaze

A colour stable, high build two pack, acid catalysed lacquer for use on all major interior substrates.Excellent for high gloss finishes and all pale coloured timber and base coates.

i.    Clear Sealer

ii.    Topcoats (clear)

iii.    Pigmented (colour stable)

iv.    Catalyst

a.    Nitrocellulose Lacquer Clear

Single pack fast drying Nitrocellulose lacquer for easy use on all interior timber

i.    Sealer

ii.    Clear Top Coats

iii.    Pigmented Primers


b.    Precat Lacquers

A Single pack (has a built in catalyst) high build, very durable low odour lacquer suitable for all interior wood Work (No pot life problems).

i.    Sealer

ii.    Topcoats

Precat Pigmented

a.    Penetrating Stains

A range of stains suitable for interior use on most timbers. Stains are fast drying and can be ragged dipped or sprayed


b.    Matching Stains

A range of shading stains for interior use,to be used after the sealer coat. Used to darken or uniform the timber. A wide range of colours available.


c.    Universal Stains

A multi purpose range of stains that can be used as a Penetrating and a Matching stain. Universal stains can be ragged, dipped, sprayed or brushed.

Universal Stains give an even finish.


d.    Envirostains

Range of Waterbased stains that are light fast can be applied by rag, brush or spray

a.    Technothane: HSK

High solids polyacrythane lacquer system highly recommended for hard wearing surfaces. ie: Tables I Bar tops…Very durable, non yellowing


b.    Acrylac Range

A modified Polyacrythane coating, very fast drying makes for excellent top coats, hard – non yellowing and low odour. Excellent for kitchen cupboards and built in cupboards.

i.    Acrylac Pigmented

ii.    Catalyst

iii.    Thinners


c.    Elvothane Range

A fast drying two component Polyurethane enamel designed for the furniture industries(The most popular used furniture coating range in the world).

Excellent Build, durability and hardness

i.    Hardener / Ratio

ii.    Thiners

a.    Elvoseal Wood Preservantive


A durable, modified alkyd sealer for sealing and protecting exterior timber. AFW (Anti fungal with wax) versions available for exterior durability.


b.    Protex


An alkyd based wood varnish for decorating and protecting interior and exterior timber – Solvent based. 8hrs – 12hrs recoating time.


c.    Technoseal

Low solids oilbased wood sealer for exterior use. Excellent for dipping window/door frames. 126-9019                   Technoseal clear


d.    Procare


Procure is an extremely durable quick drying varnish based on a Polyurethane alkyd for decorating and Protecting interior and exterior timber. Excellent drying and recoatable time,

Comes in gloss and semi gloss finish, recoating time 4hrs (Solvent based)

a.    Floor Coatings

Elvofloor guard is a one componenet waterborne polyurethane coating. Very durable with excellent wear and resistance for wooden floors. Highly recommended for wooden floor coatings with high traffic.

i.    Elvofloor Guard (Water based)

ii.    Technofloor Guard (Water based)

iii.    Elvolac Flor Coat (Solvent based)

iv.    Polyurethane Floor Coating

v.     Hardener

a.    Polyurethane / Inmould Coating

A highly flexible modified acrylic coating used for rigid and semi flexible polyurethane moulds I mouldings.


b.    5:1 PU Primer for PU Mouldings

5:1 PU Primer has been designed to give excellent adhesion results to both Rigid and Polyurea mouldings. (NB: Ensure that the correct procedures are followed as per the data I application sheets)


c.    Isolation Sealer and MDF sealer

A range of clear and coloured sealers suitable for the sealing of MDF edges, rapid drying easy to sand.


d.    Glazes

A range of products designed to create an antique (lime wash) effect: rapid drying (1hr recoating time) excellent for furniture production – application: Spray I brush I rag.


e.    Patinas

A very rapid drying antiquing / lime wash effect process recommended to be sprayed, allow to dry 2-3 minutes scothbrite or rag off.


f.     Accessoreis


g.    Elvocure / UC coating

A High Performance range of UV Coatings

Please contact our Technical department for technical spec’s