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To produce and supply products and services that inspire trust in the customers who use them and the people who deliver them. With both eyes firmly fixed on the future, we seek to elevate levels of excellence in the professional paints solutions industry from a holistic point of view, both domestically and abroad.


To be the go-to supplier of affordable products and coating systems for the manufacturing industries, driven by exceptional quality and pioneering innovations. TECHNIPAINT strives to be consistent in offering solutions and services that outperform the competition and provide members of the team with a dynamic and nurturing work environment that contributes to their personal and professional growth.

Without our loyal, dedicated customers and staff, we would not be where we are today. Thank you, Team!


For almost 70 years, ELVOLAC PAINTS has been a trusted, go-to supplier of high-quality paints for the manufacturing industry.

Founded in 1949 by Mr RJ Draper after his arrival in South Africa from the UK, the family-run business has proudly seen three generations of Draper at the helm, having been passed down to son Bill Draper in the late 1960s, until its acquisition by grandson Mike Draper in 2002.

TECHNIPAINT was launched in 1982 as a specialised manufacturer and distributor of the ELVOLAC brand. Since then, its evolution has been prolific, having diversified into the manufacturing of resins and paints. This growth has allowed TECHNIPAINT to deliver cost-effective and quality advantages to our customers.

TECHNIPAINT successfully manufactures and distributes a wide range of different industrial standard products, which include resins, primers, coatings, treatments and paints for the wood, metal and plastic manufacturing industries. We have a very well-trained distribution network in all the main provinces in South Africa and go out of our way to deliver absolute client satisfaction through our extensive know-how, tailor-made products and industry expertise.


Prior to 2004, we either distributed products manufactured by other paint manufacturers, mainly Dulux who exited the wood and industrial coatings market in 2002, or made our own products using resins from other manufacturers. We identified a growing need in the domestic market to supply the same quality coatings used in global markets, mainly polyurethane and water-based products. To be cost-effective and control the quality; from the resins to the formulating of lacquers and paints, we had to do it ourselves. With the resources we now have from both resin and paint chemists, we are able to formulate specialised products to suit our customers’ needs.

Environmental & Safety Practices

Commitment to the Environment

Reducing our carbon footprint and the preservation of local flora, fauna and wildlife is of high importance to the Technipaint brand. As such, all our products aim to be environmentally-friendly and undergo rigorous evaluations and testing to ensure minimal VOC compound emissions. We continuously stay abreast on the latest emerging technologies within our industry so as to minimise the negative effect on the environment, through products and operations.

We are ISO14001 certified. Click here to download our certificate.

Health & Safety of Our Customers

The health and safety of the people who come into contact with our products are of paramount importance. We provide safe paints and coatings to the South African marketplace that offer not only long-lasting protection to surfaces, but also to customers. Material safety data sheets are available for all products so the end user will be aware of the composition of the paint and can take the necessary protective measures.

Health & Safety of Our People

Eco-awareness is implemented from the top down, with all employees following processes and practices that uphold our environmental, health and safety values.  Occupational health and safety processes as prescribed by the industry are followed in order to safeguard our employees and ensure a safe working environment where staff can flourish. Staff receive ongoing safety training, protective gear while on the job and each batch of paint produced follows a strict safety plan with prescribed checklists to follow.


Wood Coatings

Interior and exterior

Industrial Coatings

General industrial and light automotive

Plastic Coatings

Vacuum metallizing coatings. Styrene/PVC/ABS/Polypropylene

Resin Plant

Resins - Toll manufacturing opportunities

Floor Coatings

For wood and concrete floors

Distribution Opportunities

Be a part of an innovative company

National Distribution

In all the major centres

Specialised Coatings

The X-Rite RM200QC Imaging Spectrocolorimeter is a handheld unit that simplifies color measurement from incoming material to outgoing product shipments. It is designed to provide stable color comparisons for materials and products wherever color control is important. It is an elegant, portable instrument that fits comfortably in your hand or pocket to take with you wherever you go – from the quality control lab to the manufacturing floor to supplier inspections in the field.

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