QD Primers

A range of economical single pack primers. * Fast drying and easy to apply – Brush, spray, roller

QD Dipping

A Specially designed dip primer with a strong solvent system, designed for stability in a dip tank application. Thin with dip primer thinner (QD Enamel dipping thinner 149-9015)

Etchcote primer

Good adhesion to clean steel and other metallic substrates. Quick drying to a semi matt finish. Good heat and water resistance. May be dipped, sprayed or brushed. Thin with Etch Primer Thinner(149-0816) or a good quality Lacquer Thinner(149-9002).

Anti Corrosive

Fast drying general purpose, alkyd modified Enamel for priming metal surfaces where excellent corrosion resistance is required.

1K Etch

A single pack primer for coating aluminium, well degreased galvanised iron and steel. Thin with 2K Thinner (149-9064)

Expoxy strontium Chromate

A high quality epoxy twin pack primer for industry where very high anti-corrosive properties are required. Touch dry in 30min, hard dry 3hrs, overcoating 12hrs. It cures to a uniform matt finish which is ideal for over coating with conventional alkyd or epoxy /polyurethane topcoats. Application by conventional / airless spray or brush. Thin with TGE Thinner 149- 9010.

Twinpack Polyurethane Build Etch

An economical twin pack polyurethane yellow vinyl etch primer for well cleaned mild steel, Zintec, fibreglass and stainless steel which can be over coated with AD Enamels, QD Enamels N/C lacquers and most topcoat systems. Thin with Polyurethane Thinner (149-9890)

Elvo 2K 4:1

Provides an ideal base for all high quality steel work. A high build two pack polyurethane primer for priming steel and new body work. Thin with 2K Thinner (149-9064).


An environmentally friendly “green” anti-corrosive water based primer – suitable for brush and Spray application

Waterbased Dipping

A water based DTM Primer Designed for dipping applications with excellent dip tank stability.