Acid Catalized Lacquers: Two grades

A two-component curing lacquer. They are made up of Urea and alkyd resins which are then cured with an acid catalyst. AC lacquers the most popular furniture coating used in the SA furniture manufacturing industry to date.

1.Turbobright – Fast drying, very durable and have good resistance to water and general house hold chemicals

2.Duraglaze - Colour stable [ will yellow far less than conventional AC lacquers] • Higher solids • Higher gloss • Can be modified to use on an automatic spray line where recovery is needed NB! (For more info, please request the technical data sheet)

Polyurethane Lacquer system

Elvothane - Elvothane is a full Polyurethane Lacquer System, the most popular lacquer system used on furniture in the world. * Excellent durability * Hard wearing * Household chemical resistant * Non-Yellowing * Very high build

Acrylac - is a Two component, modified polyurethane lacquer. It was introduced for the kitchen / shop fitting / office furniture and high-end furniture markets where a formaldehyde free product with excellent durability, non-yellowing and fast drying advantages are required. Excellent for open grain and very matt finishes


Single Pack Furniture Coating: Precat - are a one component lacquer. Pre-cat lacquers are very easy to use (no catalyst required). They are fast drying, durable and very popular with large furniture manufacturers of wood/veneer type furniture.

Waterbased Lacquer System

Hydrolac - An environmentally friendly range of water-based coatings. * Fast drying times * Easy to apply * Can be applied by conventional and airless spray * Non-yellowing * Gloss level ranges to be added

Elvofloor Guard - A cross linking polyurethane coating. Excellent durability, easy to apply and low odor.

Technofloor - A single pack cross linking acrylic coating. Economical with medium durability , low odor, fast drying 2-3 coats can be applied within 12 hrs. Available in various gloss levels.

Wood Stains

Concentrate stains - These are very highly concentrated stains based on soluble dyes. They are used to make your own stain colours and to strengthen any solvent based stain colour. Comes in 3 main colours – Red, Yellow & Black Penetrating Stains - A range of stains based on soluble dyes. They are applied directly onto the wood substrate to create your desired effect.
• They can be applied by brush / rag /spray/ dip
• Wide range of colours available

Matching/Shading Stains - A range of stains based on soluble dyes with a nitrocellulose binder. Designed to be applied over sealer / lac coats to blend various coloured timbers together. Universal Stains - A range of stains based on soluble dyes with a modified binder, so that they can be applied as both a penetrating or matching stain. One product for both applications.

Non-fading stains: Elvostain Non-fading stains - A range of stains based on transparent iron oxides. They have excellent colour stability. They are to be applied directly onto the timber and cannot be used over sealer / lacquer coats Pigment stains - A range of stains based on pigments. Good for lime wash, pale coloured effects onto timber. They must be applied directly onto the wood and cannot be used over sealer / lacquer coats without one of our technicians advise

Waterbased stains: Enviro stains waterbased - A range of environmentally safe water-based stains. They are non-fading and easy to apply. Application methods from brush / rag / dip and spray

Nitrocellulose Lacquers

Are a single pack lacquer system. * Very fast drying, easy to sand and easy to use

DIY Interior Procare

Procare is a polyurethane modified alkyd coating system. Very easy to use, excellent for the DIY market. Very durable can be used on table / counter surfaces as well as all types of wooden furniture. Not recommended for extreme exterior use like decks. Fast drying, able to recoat in 3-4 hrs. Application, brush, roller and spray. Available in clear gloss and satin finishes.

UV Coatings Elvocure

Coatings can cure via Ultra Violet light. Comes in gloss and semi-gloss finish. Can be overcoated with most wood coating lacquer systems once the surface has been sanded well

Patinas & Glazers

Glazes are designed to create an antique / colour or lime wash effect. They can be applied directly onto the timber substrate to create colour in the grain or over your sealer coat or base colour. Rapid drying compared to normal oil-based glazes [1 hr recoating time] Can be applied with a wide range of topcoats. Come in Standard colours and can be tinted to the colour of your choice

Grain Fillers

This product range is designed to achieve the two following effects / results 1. To fill the grain to obtain a full grain finish 2. To apply stain / colour to your effect with a close grain finish. This product is based on a polyurethane modified resin system. Its fast drying and can be coated with most lacquer systems. Comes in naturally and the colour of your choice / effect

Isolation Sealer

A specifically formulated sealer designed to ‘isolate’ the waxes in the MDF board and prevent them from entering the lacquer system causing drying and cracking issues. Very fast drying 15-20 minutes before sending sanding and 30 min before overcoating