QD Enamels

A range of quick drying enamels suitable for coating, drums, farm implements, steel parts etc. Economical and general purpose coatings for most metal surfaces – Not recommended for very durable coating applications / specs. Thin with 1st Grade Lac Thinners(149-9002)

Industrial Lacquer

A range of general purpose Ind lacquers based on Nitrocellulose Resins. Thin with 1st Grade Lacquer Thinners (149-9002)

Polyacythane Range

A range of twin pack Polyurethane Acrylic for use on a wide range of steel, fibreglass and other substrates where good durability and resistance to physical and environmental elements is required. Thin with polyurethane thinners (149-9890).

Elvo 2K Top Coats

A two pack range of high quality Polyurethane enamels for use on all suitable primed steel work truck body, etc.

Waterbased Top Coat Range

Drum Coating:
Top Coat - Stoving Enamel - Hi-Bake Stoving Enamel (230°C) * Modified Alkyd/ enamel, dried by stoving at high temperature (230°C) Low-Bake Stoving Enamel (100°C) * Highly specialised baking enamel designed to bake at lower temperatures (100°C) * Designated thinner to be used – Thinning ratios to be adjusted to suit the application process.
~Good hardness & durability
~High Gloss
~50 MEK Rubs achieved – minimum ~Printable coatings